London Apple Admins

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I want to speak!

That’s great! London Apple Admins is a welcoming, friendly community; an ideal place to dip your toe into public speaking if you’re new or seasoned. You’ll be surrounded by like minded people who share your passion and want you to succeed.

Whether you’re someone who works (or aspires to work) in the admin space or a vendor, we’d love to hear from you. The usual format for talks is 10-15 minutes but if you have an idea for something longer, give us a shout. Talks can be about almost anything, some examples being:

  • A technical talk or story about something you’ve done

  • An open discussion about something you’re interested in or want to learn more about

  • A technical, factual demo of a technology/product or feature of a technology/product

  • We welcome talks from vendors, but sales pitches will be met with a loud burst of air horn (we’re not joking!). We get enough sales pitches at work, we do not want them on our own time please.

Click here and fill out the Speaking Form.

I want to host!

Marvellous! Are you sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for?! Don’t worry…

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I want to sponsor or contribute in another way!

We’d be incredibly grateful. Sponsorship can include things like providing a venue, food and/or drink for an event. In return, we’ll publicly thank you at the start and end of the event, with your logo on our slides and a mention to folks recommending that they check you/your product out if they’re interested. Feel free to distribute swag - we love it!

If that sounds like your cup of tea, please reach out to one of the London Apple Admins Herders:

  • Ben Toms (Website or @macmule)

  • Graham Gilbert (Website or @grahamgilbert)

  • Neil Martin (Website or @neilmartin83)

  • Steve Quirke (Website or @squirke)

  • Darren Wallace (Website or @daz_wallace)